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Deciphering Generator kVA Requirements

A common issue when searching for generators is trying to work out just exactly what size you need. Questions such..

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Load Banks…Another Key To Generator Health!

A good diesel generator is a workhorse on site.  We rely on them every day, yet they don’t always get..

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Man Working on Generator

Size Matters! How To Choose The Right Diesel Generator For Your Mine Site

One thing’s for sure – there’s nothing worse than having power out on site. Generators going down can cause major..

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DC or AC…What’s Best for You?

    Working out the best fit for your site can be a tough decision when it comes to lighting..

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dont believe your eyes

Don’t believe your eyes

Ever wonder how there is so much variation when comparing lighting towers in terms of light output? There’s Lumens, Luminous..

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What the freight

What the Freight!

There’s no doubt this year has been very different due to the COVID pandemic and in this changing landscape there..

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Quality is King

“Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten.” Aldo Gucci Remember Quality?  Remember when you used to buy something and..

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Buying Chinese: The Pros & Cons

Ever wondered what the pros and cons of buying machinery from overseas are?  Namely our large norther neighbour who seems..

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the price debate

The Price Debate

3 tips on maximising value when buying equipment for your mine site Ever wondered how two things can look so..

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