Prolite LED 2400 Minespec Lighting Tower

The Prolite LED 2400 Minespec was developed as a direct replacement for our 7500W Prolite metal halide lighting tower.

Leading the low voltage revolution, the Prolite 2400 Minespec lighting tower is the safest, greenest and most powerful LED lighting tower we have ever built. 48c DC powers our heavy duty LED light panels, delivering 100 lux on the ground over more than 1000m2!

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Features & Benefits

With interchangeable lenses to allow you to change the lighting footprint to suit your needs, this full mining and safety spec’d lighting tower is ready for immediate deployment-no fuss, no delays and no extra costs, once again delivering on our competitive pricing and ultra-low running costs that save you money!

Key Benefits of the 2400 Model Include:

  • 48 Volt DC power to reduce risks of electric shocks
  • 1.1 litre per hour fuel consumption, which is more than 5 litres less than a Standard Metal Halide tower
  • 3 year LED warranty
  • Up to 200 hours of running time to reduce service intervals
  • 500 hour service intervals
  • Full mine and safety spec as standard
  • Tier IV engine to meet strict USA emission controls
  • Reduced emissions as a result of the tier IV engine, which uses less fuel
  • Fully bunded to prevent spills or leaks contaminating the environment
  • Compliant with Australian & New Zealand standards