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Safety and Environment

The EcoLogical choice

Being environmentally-friendly requires more than a policy on a website. PROMAC has designed and created machines which provide a tangible, measurable and practical results.

Greenlite LED towers will:

reduce consumption of fossil fuels 75% fuel saving vs. conventional towers
reduce emissions Tier 4 engine

Super silent pack available

use fewer chemicals Air cooled engine needs no coolant

LEDs contain no poisonous gases

use longer-lasting lights Up to 50,000 hours expected life

Whilst a diesel engine is never going to be pollution-free, there’s no reason why we shouldn’t use the cleanest, most efficient versions.

Environmentally-friendly solutions always seem to be the more expensive option. But here’s the clever part – reducing fuel usage saves you money. The fuel savings on the Greenlite are so large, it will pay for itself.

Just do the math.

Step 1 – How much does 12,000 litres of fuel cost you?

Step 2 – How many light towers are you using?

Step 3 – Multiply one by the other … you might want to sit down at this point.

Step 4 – Call us on + 61 8 6254 1800

Safety. First.

Safety of both operator and equipment are two of our most important design criteria. Our goal is to deliver machines which conform to highest possible standards – we will not compromise on safety.

We use only the best quality components from world-renowned manufacturers in our electrical products.

  • Every part is tested during assembly and before delivery to our clients.
  • Every machine is fitted with multiple levels of protection.
  • Every person deserves to work with safe equipment.