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LED panels and lamps

A cost-effective, safer and more energy-efficient lighting solution, PROMAC’s range of LED fixtures quickly and easily replace traditional metal halide, HID or sodium lamps.

With energy consumption reduced by up to 70%, a fast return on investment is ensured. Backed by a 3 year factory warranty, their heavy-duty, IP-66 rated construction ensures long-life and reliable operation under tough conditions, virtually eliminating maintenance.

Whether you’re installing LEDs on poles, buildings, mobile plant or fixed plant, PROMAC can assist with photometric modelling to help you develop the best lighting solution.

Call or email our team today – 08 6254 1800, sales@promac.net.au or contact our distributors, Myelec Electrical Wholesalers Jamie.downey@myelecgroup.com.au

LED. We’ve seen the light. Have you?

Heavy Duty Floodlights

Model Power Specifications
KUB4-450 KUB4-400 400w KUB4-400-thumb
KUB4-450 KUB4-450 450w KUB4-450-thumb
KUB4-500 KUB6-500 500w KUB6-500-thumb
KUB4-600 KUB8-600 600w KUB8-600-thumb
Range overview