Our Products

PROMAC is a leading Australian manufacturer of mobile lighting towers and diesel generators, designed specifically for the mining, civil engineering, contracting and construction sectors.

We have designed and built a number of unique features into our products, all of them enhancing performance, safety or servicing requirements.

LED Light towers

Our latest innovation combines the ultra-efficient low energy demands of LED panels and combines them with our rugged Prolite trailer.

Prolite LED uses up to 75% less fuel than conventional light towers, massively reducing operating costs and improving your return on investment. LED panels also provide dramatic improvements in reliability, a lifespan of 50,000 hours and greater damage resistance.

Using proven technology we can combine lighting, vision and 2-way communications to give you vital ‘command & control’ data. Modems, surveillance cameras, GPS tracking can all be installed giving unrivalled functionality.

Built using a ‘best in class’ open platform principle, our lighting and power generation products utilise the best components from global suppliers and pass the most rigorous safety standards.

For more detailed information, visit our LED Light Towers page.

Metal Halide Light towers

High-performance metal halide towers, ready for immediate deployment on mine sites, civil engineering projects, building/construction site, events management, security or emergency response situations.Unique options include operation via SMS message, a remote control system and a range of surveillance cameras.Prolite towers give more than just light – they can put you at scene and provide critical situational intelligence.For more detailed information, visit our Light Towers page.


Imagine being able to buy a diesel generator that you can put straight to work on site. No expensive modifications, no delays just instant, reliable power. PROMAC has developed the Nugen range of generators to meet that need.Using the best engines, alternators and controller packages from the world-leaders in power generation, our fully equipped machines should be your first choice. From a small portable 10kva generator, to a multi-unit power station, we can deliver a tailored power solution for your project or business.

For more detailed information, visit our Generators 10 to 150kva page or our Generators 200kva+ page.