LED site trials successful

PROMAC’s new LED lighting tower, the Greenlite is proving to be a hit onsite. Following successful trials at Christmas Creek, Cloudbreak, Karara and a number of other sites, orders have started to flow through.

“Since LED is a relatively new technology, people understandably want to see it’s ‘real life’ abilities” commented Andrew McAdam, PROMAC General Manager. “To enable this, we have a number of demo towers for clients to use onsite and assess in real life situations. So far the feedback has been excellent. We’ve always known that there are many places on mine sites, construction sites and roadworks where the intense and very concentrated light from metal halide lamps is just overkill – but until now, there hasn’t been a practical alternative. What we’re encouraging clients to look at is using the right lighting for each application. You wouldn’t use an EX2500 to dig a trench, why use a 6000w lighting tower to illuminate a standpipe? Apart from the even spread of light, everybody who’s tested the tower has commented on its amazing fuel efficiency – one site even had to double-check that the tower had been running, because the refuelling team couldn’t believe it didn’t need filling up!”.

Demo towers are currently located in the Pilbara region (WA), Perth metro (WA) and the Bowen Basin (Mackay, QLD). If you would like to book a demo, please contact Andrew on 0403 909898 or email